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LifeITUp’s mission is to inspire, empower, and transform every person who is willing to be mentored and prepared for becoming an amazing leader, motivator, and changemaker in society. With a strong corporate focus, the brand stands by its principles of excellence, dedication, and creativity by helping people and enterprises all around the world. Using these ideals, we aspire to make ‘Holistic well-being and Success’ a way of life, for everyone.

We are devoted to providing individuals, professionals, students, and people from all walks of life with world-class training. Coaching, training, and mentorship are heavily emphasised in order to increase self-awareness and achieve these levels of wisdom. We want to help individuals become better coaches and trainers, leaders, motivators, and changemakers by transforming them.

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Our mission is to provide quality English language instruction throh a variety of courses.

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Our mission is to provide quality English language instruction throh a variety of courses.

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About me


Kapil was born and raised in New Delhi, the capital city, in a small family of Government Professionals. From the start of his education, he has been a bright student. He earned his post graduation from IIM Indore. Learned and rose across various industries: IT, Financial Services, Education, Publishing, Sports & Wellness. He worked with various MNCs headquartered in the US, UK, and India, establishing small and large teams, led them to ach\ieve record business growth figures multiple times. He considers himself fortunate to have got a chance to hire and nurture a good number of young professionals who currently occupy senior leadership positions in leading brands today. While the career was going great guns, Kapil wanted to do something different, to serve and create hundreds and thousands of success stories. Passionate about his own Holistic Wellbeing as well as of those around; he found himself continuously pondering over, ‘what is my true calling, how to realise my deep rooted dream. Communication, Sales, Spirituality have been his core passion areas from the day he began his career. With 18+ years of experience, massive amount of research, coupled with hours and hours of meditation and introspection, he arrived on that ONE THING which can turn on the ‘SUPER SUCCESS BUTTON’ for anyone who is committed and consistent and came into being, Persuasion & Influence’ Mastery based on his own developed CTC – COMMUNICATE TO CONQUER SYSTEM’